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Vertical Eight is a marketing website that provides relevant information about the services that the site owner offers to the public. The site is designed to inform and provide contact information for businesses and individuals that are interested in using offered services.

This site includes information about what search engine optimization is, and how correct SEO can positively impact your business. It does not, however, claim or imply that they created search engine optimization or that they can control what the majort search engines require of a website to receive top rankings in an Internet search.

Services offered by the site owner are considered “white-hat” marketing services which mean that they are in compliance with the rules and regulations of the major search engines. The professionals who perform the services offered on this site continually monitor the search engines to look for new trends and any changes that will affect SEO marketing.

It is the intention of this site owner to remain in compliance at all times with SEO rules. Therefore, any changes to services offered by this site will be competed without notification so that the services always remain within the scope of white-hat marketing. Service changes may include adding or removing currently offered services.